Membership Agreement

We are a Networking Group.

1. I agree to the attendance policy of not more than 12 absences per year or 3 absences per quarter. If I miss 3 or more absences in a row, then I understand my membership may be terminated. I understand I must request and be granted, by the club, a leave of absence. if available.
2. I am working full-time in my profession.
3. I understand my membership is subject to approval by vote of the club’s membership. I am aware that my membership could be terminated by a vote of the club’s membership.
4. I agree to be discreet with information presented at the club and at personal meetings with my fellow club members.
5. I agree to bring guests whenever possible.
6. I agree so support my fellow club members by sharing leads. I understand the necessity to have a professional attitude and manner when dealing with referred leads given to me. I will follow up with leads in a timely manner.
7. I understand that the purpose of this club is to exchange leads, not to solicit membership or participation in multi-level marketing endeavors or the equivalent. Any solicitation of this kind during meeting time is cause for immediate termination of your BLN Membership.
8. I agree to give a 30-day, written notice when I wish to terminate my membership.