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Virtual Assistant

Many home office entrepreneurs try to “do it all” themselves, letting some important things slide, because they just don’t have the time. I’m Linda Melcher and I help small business owners with administrative tasks that keep them from their real business, their “genius work” so to speak.

As a Virtual Assistant, I work with a few select business owners to provide administrative, organizational, and other specialized services. This is all done virtually; from my computer desk, through phone calls, over the Internet, and via e-mail and other web-collaboration tools.

Specialties include (but are not limited to):

  • shopping cart administration
  • web maintenance
  • graphic optimization
  • email newsletters (e-zines)
  • publication layout.

Before my virtual assistance days, I held various positions in educational and nonprofit arenas. Some of these traditional work-place jobs include: technology coordinator, publications secretary, web master and administrative assistant.

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