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Property & Casualty Insurance – Auto and Home

Insurance is the foundation for any financial plan. Now is the time to address your insurance goals.

Most likely, you purchased your auto and home insurance years ago and you’re probably unaware that the cost of your insured items has changed. Depending on many variables, it may have gone up or down in value, and like most people, you may not have heard from an agent in years, or only at renewal time. You may be unaware of just how much insurance you need or don’t need. You could be losing money with insurance products you don’t need. Or maybe you are under insured on personal belongings that have increased in value.

In any case, if you work with me we will develop an ongoing relationship, including mutually agreed reviews of your financial security needs. A commitment to work with you and your professional advisors, such as your attorney and accountant. Together we can work to obtain the maximum coverage you need at the best possible price. This eliminates surprises when that unfortunate day arrives, when a claim is filed.

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