BLN Policies and Procedures (By-Laws)



Business group policies and procedures


Mission Statement

The mission of the Business Leaders Network is to serve our community as a team of highly regarded professionals. Our goal is to provide the absolute best services and products with the highest level of customer service possible.



The purpose of Business Leader’s Network (BLN) is to promote business and enhance business leadership. BLN is a social club with the purpose of providing business referrals, build alliances, develop business opportunities and promote social networking.


Guests may attend two regular meetings, at which point they must decide on club membership.

Members are encouraged to invite guest whose businesses would be a good fit with BLN to our “normal” meetings, keeping in mind that the first meeting of the month is a less formal meeting, and may not be the best representation of what our group is about. An exception to that would be if we have a 1st Friday guest speaker.


Membership will not be immediately accepted. The Policy Review Board (PRB) shall determine approval and inform the prospective member and their sponsor. Should two guests of the same category attend and request membership, each guest shall receive a Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU), detailing the specifics of each business’ agreement for representation and decorum. The BLN reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone at any time. Guests desiring membership shall submit the completed membership application accompanied with a $50 application fee to the BLN Policy Review Board. Guests shall be informed of the decision at which time payment shall be made to BLN for membership in the amount of $25/Month. Membership dues of $25 are due at the 1st meeting of the month. Membership fees are non-refundable.

For the benefit of the BLN, membership may be terminated if conflict cannot be resolved.

In the event a member in good standing desires to represent a second category that is not already represented within the group, said member shall submit a formal application to the PRB for determining membership. The $50 application fee will be waived per approval by the PRB, but monthly fees will apply.

Inclusion into the group publication shall be authorized and approved after three months as a member. To be included in the publication, an individual must be a member in good standing for a minimum of three months before the scheduled publish date. He must also provide a biography, and a photo to be included in the next scheduled publication release. The publication (booklet) will be produced twice a year, in June and December. Changes and new items to be included in the booklet must be submitted a month before publication.


The BLN shall meet Friday mornings, beginning promptly at 7:30am, with a brief introduction of the group and business introductions. A formal meeting protocol is included as an attachment to these by-laws.

The first Friday of the month shall be a networking meeting, in which the designated speaker schedule will not apply. Instead this meeting will be reserved for getting to know each other better, or for discussion of business related matters, or for an occasional outside guest speaker.  Members should keep in mind, when inviting guests, that this meeting may not be the best representation of what our group is about.

Friday’s other than the 1st Friday of the month will be considered “normal” meetings and will follow the proscribed agenda outlined in the attachment.


Members are expected to attend all meetings.

Authorized representatives are recommended in the event a member may not be able to attend. It is recommended that in the event a member has chosen to have a substitute, it is that member’s responsibility to introduce the substitute to the group with the substitute present. This will ensure a smooth transition and alleviate any awkwardness for the group, the member and the member substitute.

It is also required that members communicate their absence to the group.

As stated on the application, if a member misses three meetings in a row unexcused, a letter shall be sent to that business stating their category will be open and available. After four unexcused absences, membership will be terminated. On request and with the approval of the PRB, membership may be reinstated after 4 months.


If the need arises, a member in good standing may submit a formal request to the Policy Review Board. Leave of absence requests, if granted by the PRB, will be for 1 month at a time. Exceptions to the one month rule will be submitted in writing to the PRB for approval.  Dues are required throughout the leave of absence in order to maintain good standing in the BLN.

7. SPEAKER SCHEDULE (Speaker Coordinator)

According to a specific schedule, each BLN member shall be scheduled to hold a 20 minute presentation, beginning no later than 8:00am during “normal” meetings.,  This is an opportunity to educate the other members about their business, or discuss an aspect of their business to generate discussion. The purpose is to give the other members a better understanding of the business and how they can be ready to promote the presenter’s business. Time should be allowed for interaction and Q&A.

If the presenting business desires to cover a subject outside of their business scope, a formal request shall be made to the policy review board prior to the presentation.

The Speaker Schedule will be maintained by a designated member or Speaker Coordinator.  The Speaker Schedule will also be available on Google Calendar and our Facebook Group page.

A new member will be added to the schedule after their second month, but prior to that will be given a one-time 5-minute opportunity to present their business to the other members.


The Policy Review Board (PRB) shall consist of five members of the BLN. In the event a PRB member no longer desires group membership, a new member shall be appointed by the remaining PRB members. It is required that two of the PRB members be designated as check signers. These members shall be voted on annually. The names of the Policy Review Board Members will be listed as an addendum to these policies and procedures.

10. Charitable Donations

BLN donates funds to charities or individuals annually. The members may submit the name of an individual or charity to receive these funds.  The PRB will make the final decision about who the donation recipients will be.



Building Relationships/Serving Our Community